Full Form Of Google

Google Full Form | Full Form Of Google Full information

Google Full Form | Full Form Of Google Full Information

Hello friends, all of you are welcome, in this article, today the whole world knows and recognizes Google, we all know why Google is important, but some people do not know What is Google full form in Hindi, so friends,

I would like to tell you that Google is a short form, what is its full form, we are going to know Google full form in Hindi in this article, that is why this article is very important for all of you. Because we are going to see all the information related to Google in this article, then all this information will benefit you a lot and it will be easy for all of you to understand Google full form, then we start this article Google full form

Google full form

In today’s era, almost many people use Google or if seen, whoever has a smartphone, he definitely uses Google, but do you know that there will be many people who do not know the full form of Google.

And there will be very few people who will know the full form of Google or it may be that many people will feel that Google is a complete word. And it does not have any full form, but friends, let me tell you that each letter appearing in the word google has its own full form and which has a different meaning. So let us see what is the meaning of each letter appearing in the word google or what is the full form of each word of google.

Google full form | full form of Google

Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

G: global – global
0 : organization
0: of oriented
G: group – group
L: language of – language
E: earth – earth

As mentioned above, the full form of the word google is global organization of oriented group language of earth and beyond this we have also told what it means

Google’s father (creator) :-

It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin during his PhD studies, so both of them are also its father. This is a publicly traded company, so anyone who has bought the shares of Google, all those people are the owners of this company in a way. If you see, there are many people

But the names of those who have the most shares of Google are

1) Larry Page : -25.5% share.
2) Sergey Brin : -20.5% share.

The name of the CEO of Google is “Sunder Pichai“.
And he is an Indian.

The purpose behind the creation of Google

As we all know google is a search engine and its job is to get information on any type of topic from the internet and reach the user. You know that when we want to get any information from the internet, first of all we type it on the search bar of google and search the information of that topic through google.

It is the job of Google to present the best information from the Internet and present it to us. Meaning when we search by typing something on the internet, then google presents all the good information in front of us. And along with that, google also provides us with all kinds of services and there are many different types of products available on google, whose purpose is to make our life easier.

List of Google products :-

Google company takes care of its users the most. Almost all types of products given to the consumers are free. You can get any information by searching absolutely free.

1) Search: – If you know, then in the case of search, Google comes at number one. Whatever you search in Google, only information related to that is given to you. And which she is absolutely right. There are many other search engines somewhere but there is no one like Google.

2) YouTube:- We all know about what is youtube and how it works. And it is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. This is the product of Google itself. Do you know that YouTube can earn money online from you.

3) Android:- Today in all smartphones OS means (Operating System) is used in android.

4) Gmail:- Email means (electronic letter) Google has created Gmail to send from one place to another.

5) Adwords: – Through adwords, we can promote our product worldwide by promoting our business.

6) Blogspot: – There is a site called blogspot.com for all types of bloggers. Which every blogger can use for free.

7) Google AdSense: – AdSense This blogger and YouTuber is a means of earning online which is absolutely free.

8) Google Drive:- Drive is used to store mobile data.

9) Map:- We can use Map to find any place and to reach that place.

10) Calendar:- In this, we can keep complete information about what we want to do throughout the day. You can also save and keep the date of the birthday of your family members. You get a lot of convenience in this.

11) Chrome:- Chrome browser is also known to almost everyone. Chrome browser is the most used in the world.


I hope that you have read this article properly and completely Google full form in Hindi, then all the information given to you in this article, you have understood well what is Google and what is it used for. . So you share this to your friends also so that they can also get this information, to stay connected with us and for all such important information, press the bell button nearby and allow the incoming notification so that you can get other information. Take advantage of this and for all such information, you stay with us like this, thank you

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