DAV School full form

DAV school full form | Full Form Of DAV 2021

DAV School Full Form | Full Form Of DAV 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to this article, whose name is Dav school full form, so in this article, we will know what is Dav school full form and also we will get more information related to Dav school as well as who is the Founder of DAV school, DAV public school fees, DAV public school branches in India, we are going to know all this information in this article, so let’s know about Dav school full form

DAV school full form

DAV is an acronym for this, it is easy to speak and write, so the abbreviation is used. Dav school full form – “Dayanand Anglo Vedic” There is an institution that provides education which has 461 High School DAV. It is based on the ideas of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and this school-university provides both levels of education, so you DAV School full form In this article, what is the full form of Dav must have been known, so now we see information about DAV School Founder.

Who is the founder of DAV school

Friends, we have now known about the DAV full form, now we know that who is the founder of DAV school, the founder of DAV, Mahatma Hansraj, he has established the DAV school and in today’s time, it is the largest CBSE board in India. The organization has become DAV’s main office in New Delhi and it has around 69,000 employees who work in DAV. It also teaches Hindi / English and all local languages.

Along with India, Singapore / Fiji / Nepal / Mauritius are also DAV institutions in these countries. CBSE Board Topper has a record of DAV. 20 million students take education in DAV every year. All students in DAV have English Language Compulsory and students with it. In Hindi or anyone who can choose a local language and learn it, then who is the founder of DAV school?

DAV public school fees

So far, we have seen the information of Dav full form and Dav School founder. Now we see the information of Dav public school fees as if you have seen till now that there are 919 institutes of Dav school which are in different states and cities of India, so all institutions There can be quite a difference in fees, yet I give you information about DAV public school fees structure.

Fee Structure 2019-20



LKG TO VIII Rs. 3690.00

XI TO XII Rs. 3940.00


Rs. 60.00





Monthly Charges

Fees Class    

Tuition FeeL KG to V
Rs. 1750.00

Tuition Fee VI to X
Rs. 1900.00

Tuition Fee XI to XII
Rs. 2400.00

Admission Charges    LKG to X 
Rs. 4000.00

Admission Charges   XI to XII 
Rs. 6000.00

So after seeing the DAV school fees structure at this point, you must have understood how much DAV public school fees are

DAV Public school branches in India

Till now we have seen DAV full form, DAV School founder, DAV Public school fees, we have seen all the information about DAV public school branches in India. What are those names, you will see DAV public school branches in India at this point

✓ DAV College – Jalandhar

✓ DAV College – Hanumangarh

✓ DAV College – Kanpur

✓ DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology – Jalandhar

✓ BBK DAV College for girls – Amritsar

✓ DAV College – Titilagarh

✓ DAV College – Chandigarh

✓ DAV College – Dehradun

✓ DAV PG College – Azamgarh

✓ DAV Public School – KOTA RAJASTHAN

✓ DAV College – Bathinda PUNJAB

✓ DAV Public School – Bokaro Steel City

✓ DAV Model School – Pitampura Delhi


✓ DAV ACC Public School – Kymore (Madhya Pradesh)

✓ DAV school – hanumangarh

✓ DAV Public School – Thane

✓ DAV Sr.Sec.School – Abohar

✓ DAV College – Abohar

✓ DAV College of Education – Abohar

✓ DAV Public School – HFC Township Barauni

✓ DAV BDL Public School – Bhanur

✓ DAV Public School – Ratwar Bhabua

✓ DAV Hr.Sec School – Gill Nagar Chennai

✓ DAV hr.Sec School – Moggapaire Chennai

✓ DAV Sr. Sec School – Gopalapuram Chennai

✓ DAV Public School – Dehradun

✓ DAV public school – Gandhinagar Ranchi

✓ DAV Sr.Sec.School – Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh).

✓ DAV Public School – Phillaur

✓ DAV – Durgapur

✓ BBK DAV College – Amritsar

✓ DAV College of Education – Amritsar

✓ DAV Public School – Amritsar

✓ DAV Senior Secondary School – Amritsar

✓ DAV Public School – Airoli

✓ DAV College – Jalandhar

✓ Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya

✓ DAV Public School – Ludhiana

✓ DAV Ayurvedic College – Jalandhar

✓ DAV Institute of Management – Faridabad Haryana

✓ DAV Centenary Public School – Ukkunagaram Visakhapatnam

✓ DAV Public School – Vijayawada AP

✓ DAV Public School – Safilguda Hyderabad

✓ DAV Public School – Kanchanbagh Hyderabad

✓ DAV Public School – Kukatpally Hyderabad

✓ DAV Public School – Kusmunda Korba

✓ KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School – Chandigarh

✓ DAV Public School – Thermal Colony Panipat

✓ DAV Centenary Public School – Panipat


✓ BNS DAV Public School – Giridih (Jharkhand)

✓ Dr.A.N.K. DAV Public School – Rourkela

✓ DAV Velankar College – Solapur

✓ DAV Public School – Bilaspur(CG)

✓ DAV Public School – Bacheli (CG)

✓ DAV Sr.Sec.School – Shahabad (Markanda)

✓ DAV Public School – Sreshtha Vihar (Delhi)

✓ DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir – Shyamali

✓ DAV Public School – Rotary Campus (Gaya)

✓ DAV Public School – WALMI (Patna)

✓ DAV Public School – Khagaul (Patna)

✓ DAV Public School – CDA Bidanasi Cuttack

✓ Dhirubhai Ambani DAV School – Koparkhairane Navi Mumbai

✓ DAV Public School Unit 8 – Bhubaneswar

✓ DAV Public School – Chandrashekharpur Bhubaneswar

✓ DAV Public School – Pokhariput Bhubaneswar

✓ DAV Public school – Berhampur

✓ DAV Centenary Public School – Visakhapatnam

✓ Atreyee DAV Public School – Balurghat

✓ D.A.V Public School – Asansol Kalyanpur

Friends Dav school full form In this article, we have seen all the information related to DAV, which what is Dav school full form, what is Dav school founder, who has seen this, then see what is DAV school fees, And DAV branches India, then you will understand all this information, stay with us for such important information.

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