BPO Full Form

BPO full form | BPO ka full form 2021

BPO ka full form | BPO full form

BPO full form-If you have good communication skills then it is very easy to get a BPO job. Friends, how is that BPO ka full form | BPO full form know in this article Communication skill is like a key to success. You also want this key to be with you too, to be successful in anything, you have to be a good speaker. That is why in this article, BPO full form, I am going to tell you how the job of BPO can improve your communication skills and make you better than the rest of the people.

BPO ka full form | BPO full form “(Business Process outsourcing)”

Let’s know the history of BPO

Do you know if not about the history of BPO, then let me tell you that this concept of BPO company was first started in 1962 by a person named Ross Perot when he founded Electronic Data Systems (EDS)? EDS used to tell their prospective client that you will be familiar with product designing/manufacturing/selling but we are very well aware of how to manage information technology.

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We can sell the information technology you need, but in return, we will have to pay monthly fees for this service. But the service should be for 2 to 10 years, so now BPO ka full form | BPO full form In this article we learned the history of BPO

BPO ka full form | Let us see how many types of BPO companies are there in BPO full form.

There are two types: –

  1. National BPO Company (It only works in the country)
  2. International BPO Company (It only services abroad)

1.National BPO Company (Domestic)

√ National BPO Company runs each of their services only within that country. For example: – Airtel / Jio / idea / BSNL These call centers of companies provide work and service only in our country and do not give it in other countries.

√ National BPO Company provides work and services in Hindi / English / Kannada / Tamil / Gujarati / Marathi etc. languages

2.International BPO Company

√ International BPO Company has to talk with foreign people. And the company’s product has to be sold abroad, then customers of that country have the job of giving any customer support related to that product.

√ International BPO company has to talk to the foreign customer only in the English language. In countries like USA / UK / Australia / London etc.

There are two types of work done in BPO.

1) Voice Process – Support (Technically)
i. Inbound Process – Support
ii. Outbound Process – Support

2) Non-Voice Process – Support (Non – technically)

  1. Voice Process – Support (Technically) Voice Process has two parts Inbound / Outbound

i) Inbound Process – Support

Customer In Inbound process, the customer calls you himself. Jio / Airtel / Idea in Customer Care Department like you would have ever called, to take any other information to their customer care or to solve any problem.

The job of inbound customer agents is to take the information of the problems of the users on the call and solve the problems by understanding it Anything related to the device can cause problems. Such as installation problem / Not working properly / or any error can occur.

√ Users do not understand how to solve those problems, so you have to explain the complete process to the users.

√ Must understand the problem and solve it quickly

ii) Outbound process – support

√ In the outbound process, you have to call the customer from the front.

√ The country that your company determines, the people of that country have to call and give information about their company’s product and sell the product to those people.

√ You are paid the most money for this work because your communication skills should be very good to sell the product to people only through the phone.
To survey the company, you also have to call the customer.
Ver For the verification of the users of a company, you also have to call the users.

√ All banks call their customers to get a credit card and distribute credit card offers.
BPO ka full form | In BPO full form, just above we saw how the voice process works

  1. Non-Voice Process – Support (Non – technically)

√ Do not talk on the phone in the non-voice process. There is a lot of work done in the company and they have to do it.

√ There are millions of customers in any company and it is not possible to call everyone. Therefore, for those whose email id is with the company, an email is sent on behalf of the company.

√ If some companies sell their products to the people of all countries, some people tell their problem only through chat then they have to solve their problems by chatting with customers with a non-voice process.
Preparation of document or notice preparation also comes in non-voice process

BPO ka full form | BPO full form
Let’s see what are the advantages of BPO

Bypassing 10/12, you can get a BPO job.
For a BPO job, you do not have to be an expert in any field, only you should have little communication skills. Communication Your communication skills and training to be good are given.
In some company, you are also given the facility of pick & drop

What is the salary in BPO?

If a BPO Executive is working in India, the average monthly salary of a BPO Executive is Rs.16,864 and Rs. May be up to 202,379 per year. If you have experience then you can get more salary. A good experience can give you promotions. It depends on the candidate whether he is capable of taking promotions or not.

What is the future of BPO industry BPO ka full form | Know in BPO full form

For the last few years, the outsourcing industry is on the global slowdown, some aspects of the future and realistic goals of the BPO industry have served as a show. Process costs and emerging technologies have become a major option for all directions with greater innovation.

On the other hand, cloud platforms have started to expand services. Cloud computing allows all businesses to transfer their data and data storage from here to other countries. Video companies have started using media analytics to build their brand and support the customer. Many outsourcing companies in the US are using this model to increase user satisfaction and increase productivity.

What is the difference between BPO and Call Center?

A Business Process Outsourcing – BPO is one that works for the processor performance of any business organization to reduce outsourcing costs and increase profit more. Call centers are those that are part of the business of their client who handles telephone calls. For example, call centers work to resolve all complaints of customers on the telephone.

So now you must have understood what is the difference between the call center and BPO. But the opposite is not possible. That is why a BPO organization can never call a call center BPO ka full form | What is the difference between BPO and call center were seen in BPO full form

Know what is outsourcing: –

BPO ka full form | BPO full form With this we also need to know what outsourcing is.

When a company does not do their work themselves and gets it done by another company and gives money to that company in return, then the process is called outsourcing.

For example: – If a company makes football but does not market it to sell football, for that there is another company whose only job is marketing, then the first company makes the marketing of football to another company and gives them money in return. This is called outsourcing.

Why it is important to outsourcing: –

From making the product to selling it to the customers, the company has to move beyond all the stages. First of all, buy the goods, then make the product, then test it, then launch it in the product market, and also marketing it, then deliver at the selling shop, if the customer has any problem related to that products then solve that problem Do, etc. There are many such stages for a company to do all these things and it is very difficult to handle them all by the same company. Therefore outsourcing is necessary.

What are the types of outsourcing process: –

Engineering Process Outsourcing

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

BPO ka full form | BPO full form
You also know the advantages of outsourcing

√ The company gets the time to focus on the core product, the time the company takes to make the product better

√ The other company outsourcing, the company is the master in it, its experience of doing the work properly, which has more chances to succeed.

√ The outsourcing company will do their job very well because they will get work again only after doing the work properly or else they will get the job from another company, the pressure of this is on the outsourcing company

What can be done in outsourcing?

The company outsources a lot of its functions such as: –

i) customer service (technical support help desk etc.)
ii) Telemarketing
iii) Online marketing (Product content, SEO, etc)
iv) Accounting / HR management (Recruitment)
v) Backoffice support

Friends BPO ka full form | BPO full form we came to know but it is also important to know

How to give BPO Interview: –

√ You should first create a Resume in which your Education Details / Contact Details / Work Experience Details or if you are a fresher, then all these details should be included in it.

√ After that, prepare your Self Introduction in this way – what are your hobbies, what job do you want to do and take basic knowledge about the company in which you want to work, what is your strength

√ Keep all your Documents Ready and the details you have provided should be Accurate as companies check your background.

√ Your behavior is to keep you good. There is also your selection of how you talk. Give the interview with Smile.

√ Many BPO questions are asked in the English language. That is why your English will be weak, then make it good because if English is not good then you will be rejected for BPO jobs.

√ Go to formal dressing for interviews.

√ Rejection will not make him nervous

√ There are many sites on the Internet that provide you a job. You upload the Resume there. Hr of BPO will contact you and will call you for an interview.

√ If you follow the information given and go to the interview with complete preparation, then no one can stop you from getting your selection.

BPO Interview Questions and Answers:-

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
    Ans: – Your name / Your city name / What is your age / Who is addicted to your family.
  2. What is your qualification?
    Ans: – Tell about the degree you have done or have done any course and have any skill.
  3. What are your hobbies?
    Ans: – Keep in mind that the hobbles should be such that help you in the work of the company, not playing cricket / watching a movie.
  4. What are your achievements?
    Ans: – If the achievement that you have in your life, then tell it
  5. What did you do in the last week?
    Ans: – Interviewer wants to check how you talk, how is your communication skill. To describe what you would have done in the last week
  6. BPO ka full form | What is BPO full form?
    Ans: – “Business Process Outsourcing”
  7. If you ever get a call from a troubled person, how will you handle it?
    Ans: – First that person will calm down and tell them to explain to them, then after understanding their problem properly, they will give a solution to that problem.
  8. Why should we select you?
    Ans: – Sir, I am familiar with the information on all the works of this company and I can work very well on the quality which is required by the company, I can work on any shift of day and night. I have the quality to handle the customer well
  9. Describe an embarrassing moment of your life?
    Ans: – Answer based on your life.
  10. Are you comfortable in both Hindi and English languages?
    Ans: – You have to answer this in ha.
  11. Can you work the night shift?
    Ans: – In international BPO, the night shift is more for work, then you have to say yes for the night shift.
  12. Describe any of your strengths?
    Ans: – You are devoted to working, work hard, you like to solve problems of people, in the under-pressure you can work very well.
  13. What are your weaknesses?
    Ans: – You have to tell the most common weaknesses so that there is no effect on the work of the company as if your handwriting is a little bad, you do not like to drink too much cold drink.
  14. How does MS Excel work?
    Ans: – You should know Computer / Microsoft Office / MS Excel
  15. How much should your salary be?
    Ans: – The answer has to be given in this way, according to the company, as much salary as I want.
  16. What will you do if you are not selected?
    Ans: If I do not have a selection, then I will review this interview, I will understand the shortcomings and will give a better interview next time.
  17. Customer asks you a question about a product to which you have no answer, what will you do?
    Ans: – So the customer has to give this answer to you Sir, I am transferring your call to my senior, he is an expert on this product, he will give you better information.
  18. Your senior who does not support you in the office, what will you do?
    Ans: – Think and get down on your base

BPO ka full form | In the BPO full form article, these 18 types of questions and their answers have been told to you, which can help you in the BPO interview.

You have BPO ka full form | BPO full form will read this article from the beginning to the end, then we once again see what we have to know. In this article first, we saw how important communication skills are, then we saw that BPO ka full form | BPO full form of Business Process Outsourcing, then we saw what is the history of BPO,

who started BPO Concept and when then we saw how different BPO companies are, then we saw how BPO works inbound process. What is an outbound process, what is the Non-Voice process, then we saw what is the benefit of BPO,

then we saw how much salary we get in BPO, then we saw what is the future of the BPO industry, then saw BPO and call center What is the difference? Outsourcing is also seen and why it is necessary to do it and how many types of outsourcing processes are there.

Then we have learned how to give a BPO Interview and what questions are asked in the BPO Interview and how do we answer them Owe

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