What Is Full Form Of Wifi

What is full form of Wifi? In 2021

What Is Full Form Of Wifi? In 2021

We are going to give information about What Is Full Form Of Wifi? a topic that is used every day in the whole world, so it would not be wrong to say that the bagger of this can be difficult even a second in today’s time. Know what that topic is, whose name is Wi-Fi, the Internet is running on the Internet and Wi-Fi all over the world today, so we are going to know in this article that Wi-Fi is used in our home or office.

What Is Full Form Of Wifi?

What Is Full Form Of Wifi

What Is Full Form Of Wifi? But did not know the full form, but the interesting thing was this, people who knew him used Wi-Fi in their home or office, but still, they did not know his full form. But today I am going to help you understand what is the answer to this question because I have found it after searching a lot, then I am going to share all the same information with you.

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Right now we know the What Is Full Form Of Wifi? and we also see some information about Wi-Fi. What is full form of Wifi is “Wireless Fidelity” but Wifi is the name of a company brand in 1998 Wi-Fi The company called Alliance created a wireless gadget that provided speed internet networks to wireless devices that function like radio waves like a smartphone today, Dish Antina does this and Wifi Wireless Local Area Network which gives us speed to the internet You can run computers/mobiles/tablets and other devices that connect to the internet?

Wi-Fi is considered an IEEE 802.11x trademark because Wi-Fi does not have a full form but is a major company or Wireless Fidelity or name is promoted under what Is Full Form Of Wifi but this is not true

To tell you that when Wi-Fi is used, only 66 feet means up to 20 meters of distance, any of your equipment can be connected through a hotspot. If your device is outside this distance then you can use Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is an electronic gadget that helps ISM Radio Frequency to transfer any data from one place to another.

history of WiFi

In 1971, ALOHA and ALOHAnet introduced Ethernet, then IEEE 802.11 and Federal Communication. The U.S Commission published an ISM band for using unsecured in 1985. Who do you know is the birthplace of wifi?

I do not know what I will tell you in full form Wifi, the technical birthplace of Wifi is the NCR Corporation of AT&T Corporation in the Netherlands where 802.11 created this innovation and it was intended that with the cashier system in WaveLAN Vic Hayes, who works in NCR, started designing for making 802.11b and 802.11a in IEEE itself and then added both of them to the wifi Now Hall of Fame.

What is full form proceed in Wifi? First made version 802.11 and it became very popular because in 1997 it was built at 2 Mbit / s link speed but in 1999 it started giving it 11 Mbit / s link speed through 802.11b,

then in 1999 only Wifi Alliance Created a Trade Association through which all the products of the Wifi Trademark were sold, and in 1999 there was a time when Apple Inc was the first manufacturer to provide Wifi Network connectivity by connecting Wifi to iBook laptop. What is the history of Wifi?

Now we see a list This list has been published by the company.

1) 802.11a – 54Mbps speed / 5 GHz bandwidth

2) 802.11b – 120 feet Indoor range gives

3) 802.11n – 300Mbps speed / 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz

4) 802.11an – 866.7Mbps speed / 5 GHz bandwidth

5) 802.11g – 54Mbps speed / 2.4GHz and gives 300 outdoor range

Devices like Smart Phone / Computer / Laptop for 802.11g. and 802.11b. for Indoor range, up to 120 feet for Indoor and 300 feet for Outdoor gives you access to the Internet.

What are the applications of WiFi?

Like I told you earlier, in today’s fast-growing era, wifi is used very much in all houses and offices and it is quite common.

1) wifi is used to transfer all files from one device to another device,

2) smartphones, computers use wifi to send printing files from these devices to your wireless printer

3) your Wi-Fi is used to use the smartphone as a remote control for SmartTV.

4) Wi-Fi is used for screen roaring from the Miracast feature.

What are the Pros of WiFi?

i) You can easily connect all the devices like Smartphone / Computer / Laptop / Tablet / SmartTV.

ii) You can take advantage of the internet using wifi without any cables and wires.

iii) In today’s time WiFi is not very expensive and does not require many resources.

What are the Cons of WiFi?

i) Internet speed of WiFi router slows down when the device is connected to WiFi simultaneously.

ii) It is quite easy to access a WiFi network and track all activities.

What are the types of WiFi?

What is full form Wifi It is known that how many types of Wi-Fi are there?


WLANS :- Wireless Local Area Network

WPANS :- Wireless Personal Area Network

WMANS :- Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

WWANS :- Wireless Wide Area Network

You must have read this article thoroughly what is full form Wifi. If I believe this, then in this article we first learned how important Wifi / Internet is in today’s world and it is difficult to live without it. Then we found out what is full form Wifi “Wireless Fidelity” This is the full form of Wi-Fi but Wi-Fi is just a brand name.

Then we learned what is the history of Wi-Fi. In which country the innovation took place and how the Wi-Fi has changed gradually, it has also seen what is the application of Wifi, what is the pros of Wi-Fi, what is the cons of Wifi, and then how many types of Wi-Fi are there? Having seen all this information,

after reading all this information, you must have got the answer to the question that was in your mind regarding Wifi, so I believe if you remain with us for such technical information anywhere else.

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